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Health students and the allied health workforce can now join the COVID-19 Outbreak response

The department of health has partnered with Torrens Health to recruit health professionals.

Eligibility requirements
  • Check you are eligible in the table below.
  • You must have two doses of COVID-19 vaccine before you can be deployed in the COVID-19 outbreak response workforce. To book in your vaccine call 1800 675 398.
  • You must have a current Police check and a Working With Children Check.
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When you register with Torrens Health, you can provide your availability and location preference. Long-term placements (of 3-6 months) are available.

Check your eligibility with the Workforce Suitability Table

List of roles and workforce groups

The list below is intended to provide high level advice on the types of roles to which each health care workforce may be suited.
Each role will require appropriate training, induction, and supervision.

Health care worker category Vaccination Testing Covid+ pathways PPE Spotter PHO/contact tracing Hotel Quarantine Acute care Aged care
Aboriginal health workers / practitioners
Ambulance transport attendant (diploma)
Chinese medicine practitioners
Dentistry student (2nd year and above)
Dentistry student (4th year/3rd year Masters)
Dental assistants (certificate 3 and above)
Dental hygienist
Dental/Oral health therapists
Emergency services workers (certificate trained)
Enrolled nurses
Exercise physiologists
First aid responders (certificate trained)
Health science qualification
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Medical Laboratory Science student (final year)
Medical Radiation Practitioner
Medical practitioners
Medical students (2nd year and above)
Medical students (3rd year or 2nd year Master's/post-grad and above)
Nursing and/or midwifery students (2nd year and above)
Nursing and/or midwifery students/RUSON/Ms (3rd year and above)
Nurse practitioner
Occupational therapists
Occupational therapy students (4th year/2rd year Masters)
Oral Health student (3rd year)
Pathology collector (certificate trained)
Patient transport officer (certificate trained)
Paramedicine students (2nd year and 3rd year)
Paramedicine students (4th year)
Personal Care Attendants
Pharmacy student (4th year)
Pharmacy student (2nd and 3rd year)
Physiotherapy students (2nd year)
Physiotherapy students (3rd year)
Physiotherapy students (4th year or 2nd year Master's)
Podiatry student (4th year)
Researcher or scientist with relevant experience
Registered nurses
Registered midwife
Speech pathologists
Speech pathology students (2nd year and above)

COVID-19 vaccination program


To prepare and/or administer the COVID-19 vaccine to suitably screened and consenting individuals, according to vaccine administration protocol.

Role Information
  • Positions are available at both metro and regional vaccination sites.
  • Key activities include:
    • Determine clinical suitability for vaccination, including identifying any contraindications.
    • Obtain and document informed consent from individuals.
    • Administer the COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with training protocols.
    • Document that vaccine has been administered in the electronic immunisation register.
    • Preparing vaccine doses for administration by reconstituting (where relevant) and drawing up doses from multi-dose vials.
  • All health professionals are to complete the online Commonwealth COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program. Other online training may also be required.
  • Support and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment will be provided.
Eligible staff

You can apply for the COVID-19 vaccination program workforce if you fall into one of these workforce or student groups:

Category Role Workforce
Nursing and paramedic workforce Prepare and administer
  • Registered nurse
  • Enrolled nurse
  • Paramedic
Aboriginal health workforce Prepare and administer
  • Aboriginal health practitioner (under an administration order from a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner to persons authorised by the TGA as eligible to receive the vaccine)
Dental and oral health workforce Prepare and administer
  • Dentist (including dental specialists)
  • Oral health therapist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dental therapist
Allied health workforce Prepare and administer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Optometrist
  • Medical radiation practitioner
  • Orthoptist
  • Prosthetist / Orthotist
  • Dietitian
  • Speech pathologist
Pharmacy workforce Prepare and administer
  • Pharmacist
  • Intern pharmacist
Pathology workforce Prepare and administer
  • Pathology collector
Medical, dentistry, oral health, allied health, pharmacy, nursing/midwifery and paramedicine students Prepare and administer
  • Medical student (fourth year and above)
  • Dentistry student (fourth year and above or third year Masters)
  • Oral health student (third year)
  • Physiotherapy student (fourth year or second year Masters, or equivalent)
  • Occupational therapy student (fourth year or second year Masters)
  • Pharmacy student (fourth year)
  • Podiatry student (fourth year)
  • Nursing / midwifery student (second year and above)
  • Paramedicine student (second year and above)
Laboratory science, research and technician workforce Prepare only
  • Medical laboratory scientists and technicians
  • Researcher or scientist with biomedical laboratory/research experience
Medical laboratory science and pharmacy students and dental assistants Prepare only
  • Medical laboratory science student (final year)
  • Pharmacy student (second and third year)
  • Dental assistant (completed Cert III minimum)
Training you will need to complete

You need to complete free online training to administer and/or prepare the COVID-19 vaccine.

During onboarding at a vaccination site, you will need to provide proof you have completed all required training. You will then need to complete practical training and competency assessment at the site.

Online training
Commonwealth COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program Victorian COVID-19 eLearning Competency Training Package Victorian COVID-19 AstraZeneca supplementary eLearning
Practical training
Victorian COVID-19 Clinical Skills and Competencies Certificate
Authorised immunisers X
Paramedics with experience in immunisation not exempt
Strongly recommended X
Emergency authorised workforce and students authorised to prepare and administer
Emergency authorised workforce and students authorised to prepare only X
Including practical training for preparation activities only (Part 1)
Emergency authorised surge workforce and students authorised to prepare and administer
Including practical training (Part 1)
Emergency authorised surge workforce and students authorised to prepare only X
Including practical training for preparation activities only (Part 1)
Supporting administrative, logistics and non-clinical workforce Strongly recommended X X X

COVID-19 Testing Staff Call Out

Are you a healthcare professional interested in working as a COVID-19 Testing Clinician at designated testing sites?

The Victorian Department of Health has partnered with Torrens Health to help recruit COVID-19 testing staff. If you are a qualified dental assistant and restrictions are impacting your dental practice, please consider working at a COVID-19 testing site during this time.

Work details
  • Short and longer term positions are available.
  • Must have current Police Check and WWCC.
  • You will be provided with training, support, supervision, and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your role.
  • Staff interested in deployment to regional areas not within your local area may be offered accommodation packages.
Can you help?

This is an opportunity to contribute your skills, experience, and expertise to the pandemic response, and assist the people of Victoria to meet the challenge of COVID-19.

To manage the surge workforce, the Department of Health has partnered with Torrens Health, who will conduct all relevant background and qualification checks. As an expression of interest process, the information provided by applicants will assist in identifying people as potentially suitable for further discussions regarding employment opportunities.

You may be contacted to seek further information to determine suitability for employment for a specific position.

> Please see Workforce Suitability Table for more detail

To contribute to the workforce surge response, please go to apply now and register your interest. Roles may also be available in supporting our vaccination program.

Training required

A standard site induction will be provided for all clinicians new to the site.

Am online PPE module is to be completed ahead of time (prior to your commencement at a testing site) with PPE donning and doffing to be observed by a clinical supervisor (up to four times) to ensure the correct procedure is undertaken safely.

On-site training will cover undertaking the complete swabbing procedure and also cover current practices, protocols and risks.

COVID-19 Positive Care Pathways Program


The COVID-19 Positive Care Pathways program (C+P program) is the Victorian statewide program for assessment and management of COVID-19 patients. The C+P program provides an initial clinical and social assessment, then allocates pathway care, monitoring and support for all people who test positive for COVID- 19. It also ensures that patients who are at risk of deteriorating are identified early and transitioned to higher levels of care.

Role Information
  • Position is remote where contact with patients is via telephone. Note – there is no physical interaction with COVID-19 positive clients in this role
  • Key activities include:
    • conducting clinical and social welfare calls to C+P clients and allocating to a low, medium or high-risk pathway.
    • Providing advice to individuals who are positive for COVID-19.
    • Referring patients to appropriate health and welfare agencies.
  • Training and supervision will be provided.
  • Recommended professions: Nurses (Grade 2), Allied Health Professionals (Grade 1). > Please see Workforce Suitability Table for more detail

Public Health Officers/Team Leaders - Contact Tracing


This position contributes to the investigation, management, and control of COVID-19. The position provides technical support, advice, and professional guidance on public health issues to a range of stakeholders.

Role Information
  • Position is remote and requires shift work
  • Key activities include:
    • Undertake disease notification follow-up.
    • Consistently apply communicable disease prevention and control policy, protocols and program guidelines.
    • Ensure accurate and timely recording of communicable diseases data.
    • Provide advice on communicable disease matters to management within the department, regions, local government, external agencies and members of the public.
  • Recommended professions: Nurses, medical practitioners, paramedics, pharmacist, physiotherapists (including students) and occupational therapists. > Please see Workforce Suitability Table for more detail

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Spotter


The PPE Spotter will provide support and guidance for staff when donning and doffing PPE when staff are providing care and support to patients and when staff are in common areas interacting with other staff members.

Role Information
  • Position is located on-site.
  • Key activities include:
    • Spotting and supervision of appropriate use of PPE, including observing, guiding, correcting technique during donning and doffing.
    • Formal and informal monitoring and auditing of appropriate use of PPE within clinical settings (e.g. when providing care to patients) and non-clinical settings (e.g. breakrooms, cafes).
  • Recommended professions: Nurses, allied health professions, and many more healthcare professions. > Please see Workforce Suitability Table for more detail

Hotel Quarantine


Works closely within a multi-disciplinary team to provide high quality patient care and clinical functions in the network of quarantine hotels throughout the state.

Role Information
  • Position is located on-site.
  • Key activities include:
    • Symptom, wellness & health checks.
    • Preparation & maintenance of patient records.
    • PPE, clinical waste & sanitisation controls.
    • Hygiene control measures.
  • Recommended professions: Registered Nurses, Enrolled nurses or a current registration with Ahpra. > Please see Workforce Suitability Table for more detail

Aged Care Support Task Force


Provide support for aged care providers by joining ready-to-deploy teams that deliver surge health professionals to Aged Care facilities.

Role Information
  • Position is located on-site.
  • Key activities include:
    • Provision of a range of support to aged care residents as part of a ready-to-deploy team to provide surge health professionals to Aged Care facilities in each region of Australia.
  • Recommended professions: Registered nurses, nursing/midwifery students (3rd year and above) enrolled nurses, nurse practitioners and personal care attendants. > Please see Workforce Suitability Table for more detail